Frequently Asked Questions

How to add beers:

  • Search for a brewery that we have on our website by going to the breweries page, either by name or by state
  • Of the breweries that appear, click on the specific brewery’s website (it should open in a new tab) and navigate to their beer list (all beer websites are general different and navigating to their beer listings can be as well)
  • Back on the brewery listing on our site, click Add a Beer by clicking the Add Beer button
  • A form will appear with Name, Description, Style, ibu, abv, and ingredients

How to fill out the "Add Beer Form":

  • It’s okay if a brewery doesn't have ingredients listed, we can follow up with them after
  • Ibu isn’t always listed and can be left blank in our form
  • Pick the closest style in our form to the beer you are adding
  • If ingredients are listed, try to pick the ingredient closest to what we already have otherwise it can be added by clicking “add ingredient” or email us at
  • When submit is clicked and successful, the form will reset and you can add another beer while remaining on the page

How to see beers you've added:

  • While logged in, click on your name and navigate to “Beers I’ve Added”
  • On this screen you will see that status of the beers you’ve added
  • By default beers you add will be put into a review status indicated by Waiting on Review”
  • When a beer gets approved for public display it will have a status of “Approved”
  • It’s also possible for a beer to be rejected if it has incomplete information or is a duplicate